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SierraPack was founded in 2006. We are Organic growers of high-quality vegetables greenhouse grown and high- quality raspberries for export markets. Our markets include the United States and Canada. Additionally, we are also exporters of high quality IQF frozen fruits products. All our fresh produce is certified as organic. SierraPack´s organic agriculture is a sustainable agriculture production system that relies on ecosystem management rather than external agricultural inputs. We emphasize on recovering soil fertility, its microbiological activity and the elimination of fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. We seek to ensure the well-being of the diverse communities within our ecosystem including soil, organisms, plants and people.





Through the use of the best agriculture technologies for organic produce and the best sustainability practices, we provide our plants with the perfect temperature and environment to produce great tasting products. Moreover, we use one of the latest freezing technologies for our frozen products. We guarantee all our frozen products retain their nutritional values, texture, taste and color. We have always been committed to the highest food safety standards, the highest quality and the best flavor! .


About Us

Social Responsible company

For SierraPack, social responsibility is an important issue. Under a scheme of ethical values; we have voluntarily contributed to sustainable economic, social and environmental development. All this is done through a constant collaboration with the workers, their families, the local community and the society. We aim to improve the quality of life of the members of our community and our interaction with the environment.


Regarding labor conditions, at SierraPack we care for our employees. We like involving our people in the organization's development plans. We look after their well-being and their professional development.  We give fair salaries to everyone and make sure that everyone enjoys of employee benefits in accordance with what the law establishes. Also, at SierraPack we believe in diversity. This is why we like hiring people with different backgrounds, including  elderly people or unhandicapped people.

Regarding social activities and community service, we like joining social causes. Therefore, it is common for us to donate to sectors of great need such as minority communities, hospitals, asylums, churches, etc.


Regarding environmental issues, SierraPack knows the importance of minimizing environmental damages. Therefore, we have applied reverse logistics as a method to promote greater sustainability in the company, and to contribute to environmental care through the efficient use of resources. Reverse logistics techniques such as the reuse of products and materials are being used.  An example of this is  the biodigestor that the company has. The main purpose of this machine is to take advantage of plant waste and use it for power generation, which results in cost savings. The biogas generated in this machine is used to provide the fuel needed to heat the greenhouses during cold seasons.


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